Simple Window Garden

Time to work on my window garden. I installed a hydroponic window farm last year, which was quite expensive to set up but worth the fun of growing veggies in my kitchen. During the winter I shut it down and just had some houseplants in the “farm” but I will be hooking the main system up again.

I started my seeds indoors to take to my community garden spot.

Inside my mini farm terrarium
Starting seeds in a terrarium
Hanging planters
Hydro system in center of bottle terrariums
mini terrarium



  1. Hi,

    What I meant by charter schools is strictly regarding SSB and its’ focus.
    I know historically NYC and the region used charter schools to fill in the gaps for decades. Cleveland Public schools have an interesting learning model in that they adopted the educational system of Marie Montessori.


  2. Hi B,

    I am not sure what to think but the latest venture catching green charter schools. Does SSB have them? Or plan to?


    1. What do you mean? The Bronx does have a lot of charter schools springing up..I don’t think SSBx is officially managing any though if that’s what your asking….I’ve been thinking about either working with one or starting one for eco studies.


  3. It’s cool to hear that there is a sustainable initiative afoot in the South Bronx
    we need this in all our old cities, and those most areas most often overlooked and purposely neglected by Robert Moses types.
    We are very fortunate here to have a guy named Will Allen and “Growing Power” sprouting up satellite sites around the region. I always feel like i’m in a bubble here so I am glad you have this great perspective to share.
    And keep the pix coming!



    1. Hi Greg, yes Robert Moses and types like that often have interesting ideas and the connections to get the job done but no oversight to monitor and give substantial input on their work. The folks here are advocates for environmental justice because of people like R. Moses and his successors. Still, the Bronx is one of NYC greenest cities in terms of green space. I’ve heard alot about Will Allen and what’s going on over there, here we have Majora Carter as our Eco hero 🙂


  4. Dear Madam,

    I came across your blog when I was searching for blogs pertaining to simple hydroponics for the home. Thank you for the post about hydroponics, and showing pictures of your own indoor garden. I hope more people realize that hydroponics is not simply for scientists at NASA or astronauts in the International Space Station, anyone can do it. And what is better than buying local? Growing your own vegetables at home.




    1. Hi Greg, yes this is an amazing, fun and inexpensive way to “farm” at home if you don’t have garden space. I just put up some more pictures on the set up and will be posting more details on how it works and how to maintain it. I will also post some info from Urban farmers and eco educators in my area like Steve Ritz and the folks at Sustainable South Bronx. Stay tuned!


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