Composting Grief

Michelle Zimmer

An article from a composting friend.

“After losing my dad to lung cancer, I felt the need to play in the dirt. I had been a foodie city chick and my terrace planters were as close to farming as I got. But Schervier Nursing Care Center had just won a grant to start a community garden for horticulture therapy and I needed something to help me heal. So six years ago, I started volunteering and have been investing my time as an original member of the local community organic garden ever since.” Michelle

Read more…

Composting grief – The Riverdale Press



    1. Wow, sorry to hear that tragic news. It’s amazing to me that an organization that supports the community can have such varied people working under their roof. The people in charge of managing seem to loose sight of what their mission’s are, while great people like my friend who wrote the compost piece, and volunteers her free time to help with their garden program are seldom appreciated.

      Thank you for posting!

      Peace & Love!


  1. Remember do not confuse your humus with your hummus, not quite as tasty on pita. Thanks Kim and PS we are MASTER composting friends!


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