Simple DIY Window Farm

I started a window-farm last year.  Plans for a full- fledged system with pvc water tanks rigged to the ceiling was expensive, so I modified it to suit my budget and experience.  I wanted to grow the herbs I use in my products from seed and had good results. It’s beautiful, offers privacy and allows my plants to take advantage of sunlight.

I have two systems here, one hydroponic and the rest are hanging terrariums, some with soil and some with just water.

The Hydro system has a container of water on the bottom that uses an air pump to take water up to the top of the column through tubes. The water drips from one planter down through the next two and recycles the water through the system. Depending on what I’m growing, I use liquid nutrients mixed in the water.

Want to learn how to make your own? Click the link.




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