River Crossing Puzzle


A group of people riding a wooden boat off a b...
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Parents with two children – a son and a daughter – came to a wide river. There was no bridge there. The only way to get to the other side was to ask a fisherman if he could lend them his boat. However, the boat could carry only one adult or two children.

How does the family get to the other side and return the boat to the fisherman? How many boat trips are made?

Leave your guess in a comment below.

The answer will be reveled next week along with a new puzzle.



  1. First go the two children go across, the.son comes back and the father takes the boat to the other side. The daughter goes back across and picks up her brother and they both go to the other side to the father. The son returns and the mother goes to the other side (to father and daughter). Daughter goes back again and they (daughter and son) both return to their parents. One ( we will say daughter) gets off and the other, (son) takes the boat back to the first side of the river to the fisherman, who goes across where the daughter returns her brother to take him back to parents and returns the boat to the fisherman.


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