For Property Owners & Tenant Associations

 Where Green Infrastructure Meets Grey

Small changes add up. Save money while you save the planet!

We will help you find cost-effective green solutions to run your building efficiently and contribute to the city’s sustainability goals.


~Green workshops for your building maintenance staff and informational workshops for tenants. Topics include understanding Energy goals, Recycling systems (including Electronics, Clothing and Composting food, which decreases the amount of garbage your site processes and pays for). Informing tenants of these improvements to their buildings insures that you all get the full benefit of the program.

~Schedule your building for a common area energy survey to assess opportunities to save on lighting and boiler/heating systems upgrades; Your tenants can receive free CFL’s, smart strips and water saving devices like low-flow showerheads, which increases daily water bill savings and you may qualify for incentives to replace in-unit refrigerators with Energy Star rated models. Also, see if a green roof, rain barrels and other Storm Water Capture systems or solar panels would be right for your site.

~Increase the property value of your site with Street Beautification projects: We can have tree pit guards installed, plant and maintain flowers or create a garden space. These measures are shown to increase residents’ sense of community responsibility and pride, which helps them keep areas clean. This brings new business, potential residents and money to a neighborhood.

~Need our services on your landscaping maintenance or green building code bids? Contact us for details.



 Over the last 16 years I’ve worked with many wonderful organizations including The New York Botanical Garden, The Greyston Foundation, The Hudson River Clearwater, CityParks Foundation and the NYC Department of Education, to name a few. I’ve worked on ecology restoration, green infrastructure and beautification projects with the Bronx River Alliance and NYC Department of Parks & Recreation. I’m a registered NYC Business vendor, a Master Composter, certified tree pruner, and installer of green roofs, rain gardens and storm-water harvesting systems and can show you simple ways to green your site.

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