For Eco Enthusiasts- (Individual Adults)

Become a steward of nature! Reconnect your relationship to the environment.

Learn fun and easy ways to green your life. Schedule a workshop and our eco educators will guide you through hands-on activities.

Come meet other like-minded greenies at our Meetup style workshops.

  • Learn a new skill
  • Develop and build sustainable practices
  • Engagement with other cultures for a wider worldview
  • Build community connections
  • Become a steward of nature!

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~As an educator I’ve had the opportunity to create and facilitate eco-based lessons for programs in the Bronx & Westchester. I enjoy guiding students of all ages through inquiry-based activities in the classroom & during in-field sessions, as they are able to work with information in theory and then in direct application of material. This form of cognitive-experiential learning personalizes the experience and helps with retention of information. ~ Nurse B.

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